Down The River

Drama, AZ 2014

Ali coaches a rowing team in a provincial town. The young squad also includes his son Ruslan, who finds it difficult to meet the demands Ali makes on him, and his father’s frostiness and continual dissatisfaction are getting him down. Ali is experiencing midlife crises and only Ruslan is preventing him from leaving his wife Leyla, whom he criticizes for spoiling their son. His finds solace in his Polish lover Sasga, who’d rather have Ali for herself and dreams of starting a new life with him. Just before an important race, in the interests of the team’s performance, Ali decides to replace Ruslan, who was originally chosen for the event. But when the tragedy strikes that same day, Ali is overcome with emotions he doesn’t know how to deal with.

Parasite [KINOTIPP]

Parasite [KINOTIPP]

Traurige Geschichte einer armen Familie, die sich in das Leben der Reichen einschleicht

La Flor - Episode 4, Akt 7

La Flor - Episode 4, Akt 7 [KINOTIPP]

Vom B-Movie übers Musical bis zum Spy-Thrill ist in dieser Verbeugung vor dem Geschichtenerzählen alles da

But Beautiful

But Beautiful [KINOTIPP]

Filmemacher Erwin Wagenhofer sucht das Schöne und das Gute

Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate [KINOTIPP]

Wiedersehen mit Linda Hamilton und Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gelobt sei Gott

Gelobt sei Gott [KINOTIPP]

Erschütterndes Drama über Missbrauch durch Priester

La Flor - Episode 5+6, Akt 8

La Flor - Episode 5+6, Akt 8 [KINOTIPP]

Verwobener XL-Episodenfilm